xr 50 water clogged?

So my brother (6) HAD :facepalm: to wash his own bike and while doing so he got water down the exuashst (i think the only spot). It has no filter, it does have a slight screen. It starts but bogs and almost sounds like a 2 stroke ( funky rattling noise). So how do I fix this, where going to prentice cooper TN (trail riding) in a 2 days so I NEED help please :( ???

Unless he stood there and shot a lot of water into the exhaust, that's not the problem. But just in case, stand the bike on end and see if any water comes out.


Most likely though, is that the spark plug boot got wet and is shorting spark to the cylinder head rather than firing the plug well. Pop the lead off the spark plug and dry that area well.

I'd probably drain the carburetor too.

Get it running, -even if it runs kind of crappy- to help dry it off.

Well I wouldn't of started it first off I woulda picked it up got some water out of the exhaust and them take plug out crank it over see if any water comes out( prob have to flip it over) and then change the oil ....it's a Honda so after that u should be fine

It's most likely clean water so you shouldn't have to worry about anything breaking.

I'd change the oil just in case, and dump water out of the exhaust.

I doubt the carb needs to be cleaned unless he shot it at the air filter.

I've completely submerged several bikes while trail riding or racing.

Procedure always the same...

Remove spark plug, turn entire bike upside down, water will run out all over the place.

Kick over the engine with spark plug still removed, or put bike in gear, turn the engine by turning the rear wheel, pumps the water out of the engine.

Stand bike on end on the rear wheel, water will run out of the pipe.

Get bike right side up.

Remove air filter, squeeze out the water, reinstall.

You may have to remove the stator cover, let water drain.

Reinstall spark plug, it'll start.

When you get home drain the oil, replace with new. Clean air filter.

Good to go.

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