Cam-timing help

Hey guys,


Did a valve clearance inspection and fairly certain I've got it wrong! I must of not had it dead on TDC when I first did it.


Anyways, IMG0_614 is from a higher perspective, whilst IMG0615 is dead-on/perpendicular with the engine. What it looks like to me, I will have to move both of them 1 link over.


Cheers and thank you

IMG_0611 (2).jpg

IMG_0614 (2).jpg

IMG_0615 (2).jpg

I think you are fine, the cam chain is just a little old which makes the cams just a bit late.  A tooth change will make it way far off.  I'm seeing a Hot Cams EX cam and stock intake, right?

Yep, I do believe it's an aftermarket cam on the exhaust side, although I didn't install it (bike's been around since 01). Shame, I thought this was explaining my starting problems! I'm also having a problem of the crank not turning when it gets to a certain point. I've been shifting the bike up into 5th and pushing it back and forward to get TDC, but now the bike gets to a certain part of the engine cycle and the rear wheel completely locks up. Any thoughts?

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