I am in dire need of some help. Short video of my DR350 acceleration issue.

I really appreciate you looking. I am beyond frustrated and often contemplate just selling the bike with all the trouble I have had.

1995 DR350SE


So I have a low throttle stutter issue that I can't figure out. It is extremely annoying cause it happens most of the time when I shift gears and re-accelerate.


Here is the video link.


I apologize for the shakiness. I just wanted to show you my hand and how much throttle I am giving it. The last twenty seconds is the best because I hold it a bit were the problem is. It may not seem that severe, but at high speeds it is very noticeable, or when you are trying to quickly accelerate.




Here is an imgur album of a few pictures of the only things I could think of that my be causing the problem.

I just got the extended fuel mixture screw and that is dialed in. I was really hoping that would fix it. :(


Thanks for the help. Any input is much appreciated.


And yes I have cleaned the carb (put new jets too.)

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