Pit Bike Gasket help

I made a post yesterday asking best brand of dirt bike. I went with neither of the bikes I listed in that post because I couldn't either get to them or to high out of my price range. but after asking my friends(Also my neighbor) if they knew anyone with a 125 or something that I could buy they sold me their 125 pit bike which I have been in love with since 2 years ago. I got it for $125 and is all it needs is a new gasket and do not know whats wrong with the back brakes. he said he tried bleeding them and it didn't work so I need suggestions on that.. also what can we use to make a case gasket? I don't have much material but they do. can I use some kind of sealant or something? any suggestions welcome! 


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Probably bled wrong. Pump the pedal slowly 3 times, crack the bleeder WITH THE PEDAL HELD DOWN, tighten bleeder, let up brake pedal, repeat.


As for the case gasket, if you are Very careful and clean you can get away with decent quality gasket maker. It is "paste" that you can buy in a tube at any hardware store. I usually use ultra permatex RTV gasket maker. You will leak oil indefinitely if you don't do it right, and it is very tedious and time consuming. I've done the same in a pinch and it worked out fine until next time I split the cases. 


If you go with gasket maker, follow the directions. It usually wants you to wait ~15 minutes for the material to skin over, then properly torque it down, then let sit for atleast 24 hours. Surface preparation is key. The cleaner and smoother the surface, the better it will seal.

I bought some High temp red silicone gasket maker, didn't work so the people who sold it to me said we'll drain the oil out of it and let it sit for a day or two and let it get completely out and then we'll put some of the cork gasket sheet that I bought in it. as for the brakes I figured out why its not working. for some reason its not getting a seal. the one I have its a foot brake, and when I push that foot brake in it pushes a rod up pushing the fluid through the line, well, where the rod thats attached to the peddle and that goes inside the fluid holder is leaking, so now I have to find out how to seal that. would you have any idea on how to fix that? because I noticed when I was bleeding it there was a what seemed to be a unlimited supply of air in it, so I looked it over thinking it was the tube and found out it was the brake fluid holder. what can I use on that to make it seal without having to buy anything more or a new brake? cause after buying the bike and the items to repair it I'm dead broke.


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Try to find a brake rebuild. Theres most likely an o-ring in there that is shot.

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