05 yfz 450 jetting / bog questions

Can anyone one help me out I just got 05 yfz 450 has DMc pipe rest of motor is stock that I know of first it wasn't running right. It would idle when first started but when riding you would have to keep reved up or sometimes it would idle down and shut off and if you just mashed the throttle from idle it'll shut off and somtimes if you ease real slow into idle it'll shut off you gotta press the throttle just right so thought it might be jetting problems but tried different settings and didn't change throttle my questions does anyone else have this problem and might know what it is and anyone else have DMc afterburner comp pipe if so what jetting r you running and third when using a temp gun to help tell if your rich or lean what side of head to you take temp from. Any help would be greatly appreciated

I don't know about your question sorry but ik wound earring would you recommend this bike to a 14 year old that's bigger? That's the only sport quad in our area. All the other atv are 250 2x4 utility quads. Can you ride two people on this? How much room would you have?

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