i'm looking for a larger fuel tank for the xt 600 e 1992…… any suggestions? 

edwinlock - find your tank? I'm searching for the same thing and can't find it anywhere. Acerbis & Clarke have both discontinued. I'm willing to do a minor retrofit if there's something compatible - but no one seems to know.

Might have to see about getting one from Europe , Yamaha actually sold more than a handful of the 600E's over there  so the market is bigger. Shipping cost would be bad though because gas tanks can't be shipped by air usually.  Thank Yamaha USA for being too arrogant to sell these bikes in the US in colors that would have sold plus for more years. There would be more options like they have over there. I think the motorcycle season is over over there also so ebay has dried up, usually is full of parts .


http://www.ebay.de/   the 2KF model over there is one that is the same as our "E"

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That's for the newer XT's that the US didn't get . We had the '90 - '95 then Yamaha quit selling them over here . Acerbis no longer makes a tanks for our models.

Is ther one that with simple mods can be fitted?

Has anyone found a supplier for replacement plastic air scoops that integrate with the gas tank?

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