What the heck carb do I have?

I own TWO 2002 CRF450R's.  One of the bike's carbs says "FCR 00 AA QA10" and the other bike's carb says "FCR 00 AA PJ15."  The PJ bike was heavily modded by the previous owner, and I never noticed this carb difference before.  As far as I recall, the carbs look almost identical except for one difference:  


On the QA10 bike (which I believe is the factory stock carb) the choke is BELOW the hot start plug in, making it very easy to reach and pull out.

On the PJ15 bike, the choke is ABOVE the hot start plug in, making it darn near impossible to reach in and pull out.


Anybody know what bike the PJ15 came off of? Was this another attempt by the P.O to mod his bike?  What advantage does the PJ15 offer (or not offer)?  

Still not sure which carb this is, but I do know now that the hot start and choke had been switched...probably when the PO rejetted/serviced the bike.  Never noticed it before and I can see how it would be easy to switch the two on accident.  Just a lil update, thats all....

Not sure there was any difference besides the needles, but the choke and hot start are different lengths inside and i think if they were swapped it is possible the choke is always partially on since it needed the longer one. (If I recall correctly)

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