CRF450X ADR wiring diagram

Hi all i know this has been around before but everything i fine is at least 2 years old and the diagrams are jpg and i cant zoom in, im hoping someone has an Aus spec wiring diagram or point me in the direction of one i have got the manual but its not Aus spec so has nothing in it about the speedo, my issue is that i dont have a Speedo so just want to chase what wire does what, and indicators not working either, 

its an 06 model i picked up cheap as no electrics but ran fine, have replaced the main fuse and now have a tail light and horn and electric start but speedo seems to want to work till i push a button or rev the bike and it drops out now :( 

any help much appreciated, 



I've got one in PDF PM me your email I'l see if I can email it. 

That would be awesome. My email us

You have mail :) 

thanks has helped alot, do you know anything about the ignition on board? think i need to check this,  more

I've got one in PDF PM me your email I'l see if I can email it. 

Have been trying to hunt down an ADR electrical drawing for my bike(06 CRF450X) and came across this post. Was just wondering if you might be able to help as I have looked everywhere with not much luck upto this point.





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