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'04 fork bushings?

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i just got the brainwave to redo my forks. they're from a '04 EXC, and are the double bushing thing w/the tube in between..... the hotrod mod supposedly is to take out the upper bushing and tube, run just one bushing in the outer tube to reduce stiction.... 

ordered bushings and seals from Jeff Slavens, talked to him a bit about it. he sez you can just leave the tube and upper bushing out, just install the lower bushing.... that bottom ridge/shoulder for the lower bushing ain't much though?....blink.gif... ain't feeling too jiggy about leaving it that way.... and then getting it back apart the next time?... the inner tube won't be supported when you're driving the lower bushing out?.... 

i see how you could stack both bushings w/the tube in first?... i'm feeling a little better about that....

bushings that came out are actually pretty. i woulda probably put it back together with those, but i got some coming....

help me out, y'all....

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