shim suggestion

Got my gf a 2001 crf150r expert. The shock rebound and come are adjusted all the way. Can someone suggest some shim attacks for now until we decide if we want to do the racetech kit. She is beginner, about 150lbs. It was bottoming in the rollers abd I know when she starts getting some air its going to bottom bad.

have you got the springs in to match her weight first of all before you even adjust the shim stacks. And when you say all the way. what do you mean?

I'm going to get new springs. All the way means it bottomed out in the rollers. I took the comp and rebound all the way counterclockwise and its better but I don't like the clickers all the way.

It will bottom as you have softened it

Not listening, it doesn't bottom after I adjusted it, I just dont like the adjustments all the way to the extreme and probably could go stiffer on comp but there isn't any more adjustment

If you went all the way counterclockwise, there's a lot more adjustment, because you're at full soft.


If you want recommended shim stacks, you'll have to post up what's in there, and give more information about what type of change you want to make.

I think he means it's stopped bottoming now it's on full STIFF , but that's a bad setup , once you get stiffer springs you can try the middle setting again

Ok i'll get the springs first and see where it goes. I'm guessing this bike from the factory is "made" for a 120lb rider?

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