2006 cr125 no title

Looking at a 2006 cr125 this week but the guys says he bought it without the title from the original owner.  I checked the vin on the free vin checkers online and it says that its a 2006 but was wondering if anyone knew a way to check if the bike was stolen?  I called DMV and they said it was never registered in NY so they didn't have any information on it and the police said they couldn't tell me over the phone and would have to come with me to look at the bike.  Any suggestions?   

Losing a title to a dirt bike isn't rare and therefor selling/buying one without it isn't terribly uncommon but he should at least have some sort of documentation like a bill of sale from when he bought it. Unfortunately dirt bikes are popular things for scumbags to steal so there is a chance the bike could be stolen (the current owner may have bought it from the thief and not even know it). You're rolling the dice anytime you buy one secondhand without the title and I'd be a little hesitant personally unless the guy had a solid story, previous bill of sale and was willing to write a new bill of sale with a copy of his drivers license.

Protect yourself. No title, no deal.

Take a pencil shading of the vin number off the steering tube to the sheriff's dept. They'll tell you if it's stolen or not

its completely normal for a dirtbike to not have a title.  if the vins not messed with its usually safe 

If you did a title search, and it comes back as never registered, no information that means the cops have never registered it as stolen either, nor is there a lein on it. F--- all these dumbassed TT know-it-f---alls, and go get it, especially if it's a good deal

Maybe mine ,  :lol:  nah mine was an 03'. 

I've gone through this recently. While the state VIN database showed it coming back clear, once I went to the MVD, the national DB showed it being last titled in California. So now I'm waiting for CA DMV to send me that info, so I can send a request to the last owner and/or pay a $150 bond.

So just because it says it's not stolen doesn't mean they don't know who it last belonged to. The free VIN checkers are useless unless you're just checking for stolen bikes.

I just bought one of those vin checks online and it says the bike was registered in Indiana and now its in NY.  Doesn't say it was stolen though.  I guess I don't really have to get a title for it since I would just be riding it on my property and the occasional track but if I do I would rather not get hit with some stupid fee or get the bike taken away from me.

You can also tell if it's stolen by how it looks. If the graphics are all clean and it could have numbers, it's most likely not stolen.

Thieves usually take numbers and graphics off so the owner can't completely distinguish it.

Others are just stupid and don't do anything.

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