Steering Stabilizer advice

Yo KLX crew I will be pre-running the B1000 this year and I think that distance will require any advantage I can get.

What steering stabilizers are you running and specific mounting setup?

Scotts sub-mount with Fasst flex bars

are the stabilizers and mounts for KLX450F identical to the KX450?

Scotts sub mount.


are the stabilizers and mounts for KLX450F identical to the KX450?




Thanks. I probably should have got one along time ago

i just put a GPR on, fits under the bars, good thing is they will service it for free just pay for shipping, cost 445.00 free shipping, you can get them in diffrent colors,

I was thinking about the GPR V4. Big difference in rider fatigue?

Jimmy, GPR makes a V4 with an on the fly thumb adjuster. I would think that would work great for you

I have the v4 sub mounted on mine thing is great! Thumb adjust would be an awesome addition though

I am a PMB fastway dealer and could get u a heck of a price if it is a model you like.  Anything for the Baja!!!

Nice crazyal, love PMB. I think I get more compliments on my Kick-it than on anything else on the bike. Awesome quality.

I'll do some more research on the system 3 & 5

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