Leaking rear shock 2001 XR400

Just noticed my rear shock is leaking pretty good after sitting all winter in the garage, noticed a little puddle.


First question is how much of a pain is it to change, and should I go OEM or aftermarket? Wheres a good place to order? Looking to do this cheap. I'm 165lbs if it matters.


Second, am I okay to ride it like that until I fix it? Thanks

Pull the shock, send it off to a local suspension guy and have it re-valved/sprung for your weight and riding style.

try these guys, or get into the regional forums and see if anyone local to you has experience with a shop.


Rebuild your stock shock. Find a local suspension shop and have your forks done at the same time. Well worth the money.

No need for new or aftermarket. It will be better than new.

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