Need help!

Wore inside what should I do? And is the cam sprocket any good? And there's dirt in the engine what should I wash it out with?





Also I have a Honda atc200m are any of those part interchangeable with the xr200r?

That sprocket is toast. Some body wore that motor out. They should be proud.

I like to use diesel fuel if I don't have regular solvent. Out doors ONLY

If its just dirt, use a parts washer.  Clean to the best of your ability and let dry completely. Then change oil often until its runs clear.  As for sprocket, its toast.  Check ebay for a nice used crank.   

What other parts would I need?

And should I replace the crank to?

Can I switch the crank in my xr200r with my atc200m? I have a perfectly good atc200m engine with a wrecked body from my cousins rolled it down there hill

Check part number. If the same it's a match

By the looks of the oil filter cover. Some one needs to invest in some tools other than channel locks, vice grips, claw hammers and chisels?


I would suggest to NOT go any further with the repairs until then.

I do have a full set of tools, I always use sockets and wrenches and never vice grips or claw hammers

How would you take the sprocket off without spliting the case? and how to put a new one on?

You need to split the cases to remove the crank.  The sprocket may be a press fit....check with the honda shop.  Or you will have to replace the crank.  

I was hoping not to split the case but if I do I can. Any special tool I'll need to take it off?

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