Washington - Federal Way-Auburn-Kent Area After Work?

Is there anyone interested in getting together to ride after work?  I am still new to trials, but am getting tired of my backyard and looking for others to ride with.

I'm in FW but I'm clueless about close by riding areas.

Edited by Chuck.

Hi Chuck,

Yeah we need someone with a 'big' backyard :thumbsup:

That would work for Trials.  I do have a friend with timberland but it is miles outside of Montesano WA, not an easy drive for a short ride! Need something closer.


Another option is Straddleline at Capitol Forest, 1 hour away. PST hosts an annual Trials event there,  you can go up the hillside and reride the old sections.   Some PST folks ride there, maybe contact them.

Edited by Chuck.

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