Tire opinions from south jersey riders

Came to the conclusion that the mt21 is a bad selection for tight single track south jersey trails, especially the front, rear is ok at best, looking for a new set of dot tires, thinking of the Pirelli scorpion xcmh front and still not really sure for the back, any input from fellow south jersey riders??

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What is it that you don't like about the MT21 on the front?


I thought the hot setup was an MT21 front and D606 rear.  That was going to be my next set of tires when I wear out the TKC-80's that I have now.  I only really have a complaint with the rear TKC-80, by the way.

It it just mud and sand where it doesn't work well or other conditions as well?

I see very little mud or sand, but lot's of rocky stuff.

Front tire seems washy and isn't that good in sand, back wore quick... When I got em I planned on mostly street with dirt capability, but now I'm leaning towards all dirt with a dot stamp, the mt21 did ok but looking for better, with a heavy bike thru tight single track I'm trying to find every advantage as possible

Thanks for the clarification.  Since I see almost no sand at all in my riding I'll stick with the original plan.


Sorry I can't offer suggestions for better tires for you.

No DOT tire is going to work well in sand! The rubber compounds and knob spacing need for tire to live on street just will not work well. And if you have a good sand tire it will be gone in no time on street!

I don't want to run on the street at all with it, simply to pass inspection if I get stopped and checked by the law while possibility crossing the street from trail to trail or a game warden that is just looking for a ticket to write

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The reality is that you're extremely unlikely to get checked for DOT tires. When those tickets are issued, it's as an add on for someone doing something really stupid. Don't do something really stupid. Not only for yourself but also because riding in NJ is already under attack.

But, there are some good DOT sand tires. I like the kenda southwick front even better than the S12 (which is the benchmark for sand tires). The trackmaster rear is very decent, as is the pirelli xcms (I think that's the one; it's an S12 clone).

Pressure makes a huge difference, even with dedicated sand knobbies.

Pirelli also makes a DOT front very similar to the S12 called the XCMS.  Many local enduro guys prefer the M12 front; the pirelli DOT equivalent is the XCMH. 


Also, for the rear, think seriously about the Teraflex.  It is DOT, will last forever in the sand, and offers by far the best sand and mud traction of anything but a paddle tire.  They work very well at slower speeds in the pine barrens.  In a few years, when you're more comfortable with brake sliding and drifting around flat turns and blitzing the whoops, you'll want a lighter and lower traction tire.  The teraflex has such stiff sidewalls that it can be run with basically zero air pressure, so you'll never have to worry about a flat.

I actually just order a front Pirelli xcmh and a rear Dunlop 606... Kinda rolled the dice, hopefully I made a good choice

I looked for the terraflex and didn't see anyone that carries them?? I saw the got good reviews

MandHtires.com  I guess the price has gone up, although it's still economical because it lasts so long.

Have any experience with the d606? I thinking I made a lil mistake getting it and it's not goin to be much better than the m21, I'm also seeing that they run small, the 130 is the size of a 120? I think I'm goin to try n find find the terraflex and try it out, I heard there heavy and hell on wheel bearings tho

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The 606 rear is okay.  It's maybe a small step less sand dedicated than the trackmaster.  They do last reasonably well on the pavement.


The teraflex is indeed heavy and also slightly taller than a standard 120 size tire.  The pigs have plenty of torque to run one, and the 140 size isn't too disproportionate on such a heavy bike.  I ran one for years and didn't notice any difference in bearing life; it's marginally larger than a normal tire, but it's not like putting 44" boggers on a 4wd truck.  As an aside, supposedly it was the same Interco tire company that designed the teraflex as the line of 4wd tires.

Thanks darkness, I think I'm jus goin to hold on to the 606 and order a terraflex, I see one one eBay for 150$ and specifies it's and us made tire not china, but see a few others a bit cheap more towards 100$, but have heard the china tires aren't near as good as the us

Not sure if the cheaper ones are china or not, cus eBay can get out of hand with prices sometimes

Ok just ordered a terraflex from m and h, was 140$ total after shipping, and specifys made in USA , hopefully they have fast shipping times , cus I can't wait to try it.... The 140/80/18 fits good and doesn't rub? I've heard of people having to trim the mud flap behind the shock, which is fine with me as long as it does hot the swingarm or my whitebros exhaust

The Terraflex doesn't sound like a bad idea.  I know they wear like iron.

Clearance should be okay at the back half of the axle adjustment range.  If the tire does rub the muffler, put a few spacer washers between the muffler mount and the frame.

Thanks darkness, been a big help, was at a local shop yesterday (fairway honda) and they had a 606 and mt21 sitting side by side, and there almost identical, really glad I ordered the terraflex, guess now I'll have a new 606 laying around or sell it if someone wants it, the tire was not what I was expecting at all, if anything the mt21 looks more aggressive and come in a bigger size,140 were the 606 is a small 130, and it looks more like a 120.... At least the mt21 did great on the street, were I hear the 606's suck for street.... Thanks again for they help, I'll check back in after the terraflex is mounted

606's are great on the street. Well, great for a knobby tire. I ride my pig in sand and find the MT21 front D606 rear works really well. Also, no problems on the street with that setup. Haven't really come across terrain that I'd complain about with that setup.

What is the widest tire size you can run on the front and the widest you can run on the rear. Was thinking that wider tires and flatter ground contact area ( the stock ones seem very round at road contract point )  might improve lose beach sand traction. In my area you can't ride without dealing with slick sticky mud, rocks, hard and soft packed gravel and the beach sand pits. Great for my outlander and 500 motocross, but a challenge for my heavy xrl.  

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