Oil strainer

So attempted to remove the oil strainer bolt flywheel side the thing will not budge and is now stripped. And suggestions? I've soaked it in pb oil and applied heat still no luck. Can't get good position on it the frame is in the way

What year?  2008?

Yes 2008 lol...

LMK when you figure it out!  I bought my 08 last year and the bolt head didn't have any marks on it.  I have asked on here on another thread and ppl gave ideas but none have worked yet.  I bought new wrenches for brake lines with a more closed end, T-handle, attempted to loosen the engine and tilt it up, no luck.  Got it hot, used PB blaster, tapped it with a hammer...  I changed the oil when I first bought it and twice since then.  So far it hasn't been an issue but I'd really like to look and clean it. 

LMK if you figure it out!!

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