05 crf50 bogs low with stock exhaust

Weird finding...

When i bought the bike the baffle was off, so i put it back on with 1 of the 3 bolts ( its all i had that length). My son rode it for 2 weeks until i got another bolt pack and added the other two bolts. Went to the track and it would start but had hesitation down low of the throttle was quick and not gently rolled back. Only thing i changed were the bolts, so i took the two out effectively loosening the baffle again. This resolved my problem... Seems a bit weird.

Its been recently cleaned and a new filter put in (stock). Like i said, runs fine with a gap between the muffler and the spark arrestor and hesitates with it bolted tight. Any ideas?

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Is the spark arrestor screen clean?

Appears to be. So is the screen down in the pipe. I put slim washers in between the baffle and pipe and havent had the issue since. Its probably voodoo, but havent had an issue

If you take out the bolts and pull the end cap off the spark arrestor is attached. Its just a fine screen but carbon will build up on it and clog it. I used brake cleaner and a wire brush to clean it. There are nice billet end caps on ebay for like $30 that flow better and will make it sound throatier.

I hit it with a wire brush when i bought it but not with solvent. Didnt look bad but ill take another peek. Thanks

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