2009 clutch adjustment

The last time I went riding I noticed that when I would shift from neutral to first after starting the bike with the clutch completely pulled in it would make a banging noise and lurch forward a lot more than normal. I used the quick adjuster to try and get rid of it, but it didn't work. 


Today I changed the oil and wanted to adjust the clutch cable to help get rid of that issue. Oil level is good; I'm using synthetic Rotella. I've messed with both the quick adjust and the other adjustment behind the front plate. I can't get the bike to roll in gear with the clutch pulled in at all. I've adjusted a few times and now when I start it, let it warm up, then shift into first there's a sheering noise. So, now I'm completely afraid of messing something up so I need help on how to adjust the clutch correctly. 


I have the manual, but it doesn't really give you a technique on how to get it right. I've never had to mess with a clutch before...they've always just worked. This is a 2009 and I bought it from the original owner and I'm 99% sure the clutch was never touched so it may just need replacing. 


What do you guys think?


What's the best way to get the clutch to disengage easier with adjusting the cable? Which way should I turn each of the screws? 

There should be about a dime width gap between the lever and perch. Cables get old and stretch so is replace that which is cheap. Potentially it could be worse but you need to pull clutch cover. Most likely you need a clutch kit but check inner hub and basket for grooving. If it's grooved you'll have to replace or your clutch will never be smooth. I'd plan for cable and clutch kit minimal

I finally got time to look at the clutch. Everything looked fine. There was a small hotspot on one of the pressure plates, but the plate was still flat and smooth; no warping. 


My clutch lever does not have the play at the perch that everyone talks about and I also noticed it's bent a bit. 


Which direction should I be turning the adjustment both at the perch and behind the plate? It obviously needs to be loosened. 

The issues you describe are generally associated with a worn clutch basket. Your plates are hanging up on the basket even though you pull the lever all the way in. Adjust the cable all you want but it probably won't help the issue. You can file the notches in the basket but that is a pretty janky fix and it won't last long or work smooth. I usually replace the OEM with a Hinson and never worry about it again. Little pricey but I usually find a new one on eBay for a little cheaper. Last one I bought was $215 shipped.

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