Rebound after jumping

I have a ktm 300 exc 1999 and when I jump at the sand hills I bounce bad I weigh 227.

Apply the throttle just as your rear wheel hits.. 

and what is your question??

It's like landing on a trampoline how do I adjust the rear shock so I don't bottom out or go flying. I hit prolly a good 15 dune and bounced pretty good


Well 99 wasn't a big year for the PDS shock..  I had a 98 380 EXC, and there was at least one shock recall that I remember..  I ended up sendin mine out and having it revalved and resprung..  But as I said, try applying the throttle just as you land..  In gear of course, you need to put some power to that rear wheel son.

Ok I'll try it out and my rear shock has a rebound adjustment on it


So play with it some. But if your are 227 pounds, and you have stock springs in then you are gonna bounce no matter what. You overweigh that stock spring by about 60 pounds. You can get new springs front and rear for about $200 bucks on ebay. Id recomend straight rate .44 springs in the forks. And progressive rate 8.8/10.4 kg spring on the rear. Then set your sag and be amazed.

Ok I'll check it out and I'll post pics of my shocks

Here is my bike


Are those dings meant to be in the pipe!?

What do you think PUG


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