i need help ! :/

heyy guys i have a 98 kx 100 2 stroke & my uncle said it could use some new reeds . but i know nothing about them . are there different types of them ? . are there any that will help the performance of the bike ?

Choices are stock style which are just a fiberglass type pedal, Boyeson power reeds which are still fiberglass and designed to be a little stiffer, Then comes carbon fiber which is 10x better than power reeds, then comes the whole reed box, which is either Boyeson Rad valve or V-Force. Of course the better you go, the higher the price. I highly suggest just going with a carbon fiber reed to eliminate any jetting changes and they last a very long time (years).


The 2 things you need to look for when checking your reeds is the ends or corners aren't frayed, broken or gone. If all that looks ok, then you need to look through from the inlet (carb) side and you should not be able to see light at the sealing surface. On some reeds, you can flip them over and drive on. But they should seal perfectly all the way around.


Make sure to use a perfect fitting screwdriver to R&R and also use a small dab of blue threadlocker on the screws. You DO NOT want one of those coming loose. Bad things happen. 

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