Rm 125 vs Rm 250 2 stroke

Hey guys, so I'm in the market for a new bike. I had a 2004 Honda crf250r, which blew up and is the reason for looking for a new bike. Also, I never took to 4 strokes at all, although I could handle the power of the 250, and I'm trying to stay with two stroke's throttle response and easy maintenance.

The riding styles I am in is desert riding, mx tracks, and was told that my girlfriend is going to drag me to the dunes. And with all of that, I need to know what my correct two stroke would be.

And I am also 5' 10" and weigh 140. But I'm in the process of bulking so the weight will definitely increase. Thank you all for your time and any responses will be appreciated.

You can handle the 250 smoker. Dont get a 125.

That's the bike I was leaning towards. Thank you for your input. It just sold me.

Set up the suspension to suit your weight on the 250 , it will make it MUCH better

Do you guys think a 1995 header will fit on a 1997 rm125 ?

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