2014 TE 250 steering damper

Hi guys I am looking for a steering damper for my 2014 Husqvarna TE 250. I have tried all the big names but none have a part for the Husky. Do any of you know if the steering damper for a 2013 or 2014 KTM XCW 250 fit as it should be pretty much the same bike? 

I put a BRP Sub Mount and Scotts from a 14 300XC on my TE300, fit perfectly and works great. Thinking the same would be true for the 250

Just got conformation that the 2014 KTM uses the exact same mounts.

I use a fastway 5 way settings dampner .promotobillet.com

GPR is plug and play.

2014 TE300 installation and friend has same on his 2015 TE300. Same as TE250.




the thread question was fit...not what brand you think is better--what will fit the TE250......as seen in the above foto the GPR will fit the TE250 as its the same as the TE300.

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I had a GP are on my street bike and also one of my old dirt bike and I think the fast way is better it's got 5 way it's got high speed low speed and it got returned to sender and one other setting

Sorry it's got a high speed setting low speed setting he returned to center and high speed center it's about $200 cheaper than the GPR

I have the ktm damper and also the showa, the showa is crap vs the ktm, but you will need to order all three parts separately.

Scott's w/submount. The best, IMO.1454875768210.jpg

Scott's w/submount. The best, IMO.attachicon.gif1454875768210.jpg


Yup, I run the same on my TE300.


It is not the same as the XCW, but rather the XC. The W has the OC forks and as such, different triples. Slavens has Scotts kits with the mounts and all. 

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