85 100 or 150

im looking for a new bike and I feel like im right in the middle of the bike ranges right now im 5'5 and a half about 100lbs and im still growing. I mainly trail ride but I might go to a track every once in a while. Im way to tall for my crf80.


I have been on my friends crf150f and I sit flat footed on it. I kind of want 2 stroke that I can ride on trails for a long time. I think if I were to get a cr85 then I would get the expert. same with the crf150r. but it is hard to find crf150rb's that are used and sold cheap. Would the kx 100 be too small for me?

Kx100 = crf150rb

KX100 is perfect!

I got my kx100 when I was your size and it was perfect. At 5'7" and 125lbs. I still ride it comfortably.

+1 for kx100 fun little bike even for Adults I ride that over my 520sx on the acreage at home it rips looped it out a few times tho it just loves to wheelie

98 yz125

2004 ttr125

2006 crf230

2001 ktm520 sx

2003 kx100

If the 150F is not for you then go with the 150RB. They're more $ for a reason.

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