2006 Rebuild

Well I traded at pretty mint trx450r to get a CRF250R.. Seemed like a good deal at the time, the 250 fired right up and I took it around my block.


Changed all the fluids and went for a quick maiden voyage and the rear tire locked up as I was idling around (new to 2 wheels). So I put it in Neutral and walked it back (I was only playing around on a 200yard strip)


So far I've picked up;

Stock piston

Stock rings

Stock wrist pin/circlips

base gasket

head gasket

52T rear sprocket

Primary Drive chain

Ferrea SS intake/exhaust valve & spring kit


I didn't find any shavings in my filter, do you guys think I'll need a new cylinder? I know there's only one way to tell, but I'd like to have anything in hand before I start and not have to wait for anything..


So far I have it figured I need a;

Timing chain

shim kit

exhaust crush gasket



Here is what I'm looking at;



I own a small Powder Coating business that I'm just starting so a lot of this bike will be done for my portfolio.

Dormant Red water pump cover


some trim on the engine (still have to finish the clutch cover, valve cover, kick start and brake lever)



bit more.. coating the exhaust shield when picture was taken..



Have you looked inside the beast at all? Before I would assume it's a complete top end rebuild I would take the valve cover off and see if the cam chain skipped or broke or piled up, it is possible for a cam chain tensioner to fail. This just happened to my bosses EXC530. Engine started making a funny noise, then locked up while out on a ride, towed it back in neutral. He originally thought it was a big end bearing that was shot, but when he pulled the cover off he noticed a problem with the cam chain and that the tensioner failed. Threw in a dirt trix mechanical over hydraulic tensioner, put the chain back where it was supposed to be, and it's been running fine ever since.

It was puffing blue smoke a bit before I went for a little tour (around a 200 yard strip) and I had ordered the piston even before the rear tire locked. I was able to kick it over right away to make sure the engine wasn;t siezed tight.


When I traded for it it started first kick and ran like a champ.. I didn't notice any smoke but we were outside. Engine oil also smelled like gas.. I'm hoping it'll last a long time with the build route I'm taking.




other side done..



Have it broken down to the frame to replace the steering bearings. Thinking about putting some powder on the stock duals when I repack them too, also the tripple clamps will be shot either black or red too.


I've raced quads for a few years but it's getting hard to find places to ride/race around here so I'll be racing this bike in the C class as early as this fall.

Looks good man! 

Love the powder on the covers. What kind of price would i be looking at for you to do that again?

Thanks guys! really makes the whole bike pop witht the small accents for sure. :ride:


Would be $80-100 for the clutch. valve and stator covers, if you clean them and prep them well you can pretty well cut the price in half.  

Ok cool, ill definitely keep that in mind. Looks like you should put some new tires on the parts list  :thumbsup:

They are on there! Thinking about going foe the Sedona mid soft tires.. found some on ebay for 59.99 shipped and there seem to be some decent reviews on them. Anybody have any negatives to say about them?


Got the engine out and it's at my mechanic/buddy's place. I forgot to order a timing chain would have been done last weekend :facepalm:


Not much to post on, I'll update the thread once theres some more progress.

Thinking about going foe the Sedona mid soft tires.. found some on ebay for 59.99 shipped and there seem to be some decent reviews on them. Anybody have any negatives to say about them?


Not too long ago I put on a Sedona rear tire on for a friend. When he came to pick it up I told him I never wanted to see another Sedona tire... ever!  The sidewalls are so stiff it took 6 tire irons, 2 sets of wood clamps (to hold the tire in the center of the rim), quite a few cuss words and over a 1/2 hour to change it.  I've been changing tires for over 20 years and can usually change a Dunlop in about 5 min, to me the savings don't justify the aggravation.

Hey Thanks Slo, I think I'll just get a good named brand like Dunlop and be safe. Though I am such a noob on a two wheeler I'd hardly notice a difference I think.


I got my engine back, man these are a PAIN IN THE ASS to get the engine in and out.. I had to take the swinger, subframe, shock, valve cover and water pump cover to get it back in!


Got almost everything powdercoated that I want to do.. Finished up the triple clamps black and changed the steering bearings.. the lowerds were SHOT!


Hoping to finish up and ride this weekend :ride:





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You don't have to remove the valve cover and/or water pump housing to get the motor into the frame, you just need to take a different approach than you did, and the motor goes right in.

Haha I knew there had to be a better way.. 4 pints in and it was either take them off or start hitting it lol.


What side did you put it in from?

All done and she rips again..







Good job. I like the before and after shots. The engine and exhaust look way better than they did, that's for sure :-)

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