2005 Yz 85 rear wheel help "sizing"

I have a 2005 Yz 85, need a whole new rear wheel for. I have found 2003 wheels and 2008 wheels that are both in good shape and a good price range. Would either of these fit on my bike? Don't wanna spend $150 on something that won't even work with my bike. Looking for quick answers so I can get my bike back together asap. Thanks!!!!

Yes, they are the same as long as the rear wheel is the same size and not the Big Wheel


Normal rear tire size = 14"

Big wheel rear tire is a 17" i belive

Big wheel rear size is 16..

it's not a big wheel, it's the 14x1.60 wheel. I ordered the 2008 because it was newer and looked in great shape, also came with tire with 75% tread. I'll let ya guys know if it works.

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You can use any year YZ85 wheel, they're all the same (not including big wheels).  Likely even some of the YZ80 wheels will work, but I would suggest checking part numbers to verify.

You can also use 2002-2005 RM85 wheels with the Yamaha spacers- perfect fit.    I actually think the Suzuki used the same rear wheel from 1990 to 2005, but am not 100% on that. 

2006 and newer RM85 wheels will need to have the rear brake rotor swapped, as it's bigger than the YZ85.

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