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Hey all

My Husaberg TE300 is running the new 2015 spec KTM jetting for my elevation and temps. (N8RW, 2nd clip, 170 main, 35 pilot, 2 out on air screw). I pulled the plug this evening to have a look. It seems to be a little lean to me, more grey than brown or tan. I'm thinking of dropping the clip one position based on the plug colour? What does the forum say? Bike runs great from top to bottom, 50:1 Castrol Racing 2t and 95 octane unleaded fuel.


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Your plug looks fine.

Thanks William. I looked at it again and noticed some deposits on the one side of the insulator. Is this ok? They're the same color as the insulator

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Deposits commonly will be heavier on one side of the plug due to the proximity to the air/fuel charge 'rinsing' off the exhaust from the plug area. The fuel evaporates onto the plug where it hits. Think of wow the rain makes your car look after a highway ride in the rain. Do not worry about it. Just be sure to keep a fresh plug in the bike. You can experiment with a fresh plug, see if it is noticable, if it is, leave it in, if not, put the old one back in and retest in 10 hours.

Spoke with a local expert, apparently our fuel is very sooty which means our bikes should have a darker tint to the spark plugs. He has suggested I take the next richer (N8RH) needle as I could run into difficulty if I ride at 200 or 300 meters lower altitude.

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