Clutch lever starter switch not working. How to bypass?

This problem just started a few days ago and has gotten worse quick.  Before, I pull in clutch, press starter, and everything is good to go.  Two days ago, the starter wouldn't work with clutch pulled all the way in.  I thought something was wrong with starter until I found it stared with clutch lever pulled in around half way, no more, no less.  Today, I think starting clutch lever position is changing as I have to trial and error the position to start the bike.  


This is probably too much info but just in case it helps diagnose the issue.  Is the clutch lever ignition switch broken?  Is there something to adjust?  Can I bypass the entire clutch lever ignition entirely?  My last bike didn't need the clutch pulled in to start. 

Stick a straight pin thru the two wires coming out of the switch, if it starts the switch is bad.

If you want to disconnect the switch feature just cut the wires,strip and solder or use a butt connector.


Same works for the side stand switch.



You can remove the headlight shroud and trace the wires to their harness connection and make a jumper if you don't want to cut the switch wires.

It is much simpler than that.  Trace the switch wires to the connector, unplug the switch, plug the 2 wires in the harness together.

Thank for the info.  That was the simplest job ever.  There were connectors in the wire bundle for both + and - right behind the lights.  Just disconnect and switch the plug.  

Thank for the info. That was the simplest job ever. There were connectors in the wire bundle for both + and - right behind the lights. Just disconnect and switch the plug.

and now if you have to you can bump start your bike and use the starter at the same time. This helps a lot when you don't have auto decomp on your ex cam :)

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