XR250R parts compatibility

Well guys ive been doing tons of research lately trying to figure out what parts fit what and others that are universal but im not finding a whole lot soooo i figured id start this.. I have a 94 xr250r and i need a ton of parts like seat, tank, muffler, rear rim and brake assembly, number plates and a bunch of hardware thats just for starts. Anyway i have the opportunity to buy a 84 xr250 parts bike and i was wondering if my 94 motor would bolt to it and if so what mods would i have to make? Or would the 84 plastics, seat, tank, muffler and what not bolt to my 94 frame? any input would be appreciated!  

  1986-1995 are mostly interchange-able.   For completely interchange of parts - your '94 is identical to anything between model years 1991-1995.  (and very, very similar to 1990 as well...)


  1984 would not be a good choice as a donor for parts for your bike.


   And the '94 is far superior to the '84 - rear disk brake, etc.   So you are better off fixing up your '94 versus going towards the '84...  



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Im in the midst of that now but whoever had this bike before they decided to steal the oem wheel and replace it with an earlier model xr200 wheel with a drum and they took the whole rear brake assembly with it, side covers, muffler, seat and tank. So im kinda up shit creek so to speak lol.. If i buy off of ebay everything im missing is gonna run me a pretty penny but if i want original i gotta do it.. On the plus side they completely rebuilt the top end i just need all cosmetics. Soooo heres hopes of finding an early 90's parts bike.

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