how to tell if valves are stainless or titainium

i need to order new springs for my new pro circuit cam , and i was told from prev owner he did a valve job , how can i tell if the valves are stainless steel , or titainium , i have the head off now , valves where not bad so i dont want to change them , just need to order the correct springs

The easist way would be to take a wire brush to the combustion chamber. The intakes would be bright silver. The coating on the Ti stuff typically makes it brown/black.

thanks  , so the ext valves are steel regardless right,i need to pull my service manual 

Yes, exhaust valves are all steel.

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The previous owner could have installed titanium exhaust valves, but that's unlikely...

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 a magnet will tell you if they are steel or not???

That depends on the type of stainless steel.

Yeah - the previous couple of replies were referring to steel that is what I was referring to.

both valves are kibble white , black diamond , once I pulled them out they were marked on the stems all looked brand new cond thankfully , I have no idea what springs were on it but they were very soft , about the only spring kit available is the dual spring kibbles at 150 on ebay  so that's what I ordered I just couldn't justify the pro circuit kit at 350+ bucks

got a whole oem  topend kit for 147 delivered. and the pro circuit cam  for 150.00 (ebay)

man ,I love the simplicity and cost of rebuilding my 2t's

these valve are not magnetic,the previous owner appeared to use stock springs are something close , I put the new kibble white spring kit in and they are much stiffer, my old cam had twisted making the bike run bad ,probably erom over-reving floating the valves so thats why im doing this i would have just used another stk cam , but a while back i ran across a new pro circuit cam real cheap so i ended up with it, I know there is no ride reports with this cam , so when we ride it this weekend i will throw a ride report up

I dont know if they got any better recently, but the Kibble White springs used to be known for sacking out rather quickly.

I heard that too, i really wanted the xceldene's but they dont offer a full kit everything is sold sepratly and there not listing the parts on there web site anymore , I didnt want to spend anymore time making sure all the parts I needed were correct wherever I was going to sorce them from. At least kibble supplyed all the specs, installed spring hight ;max cam lift ,bind specs etc .

I do know they said they stiffened the springs recently when they started calling it lightweight spring kit? I don't know .... its together and running , how did I do time wise , from tear down to back together 6 hrs , new piston, cam , shimed ,timed , and assembled.


how did I do time wise


Not bad, for a hack in his garage. :p:doh::cheers:B)

Bad part is my 14 yr old son has his sights set on it ,i spend the money and time in the garage , and he will be the one riding it.doesn't seem fair

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