Any tips for installing the IMS 4gal?

Just got the IMS 4gal in the mail today. Probably install it sometime between tomorrow and sunday, not sure when I'll have the time. But I've heard that it can be challenging to fit, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to make it go smoother?

My bikes PO installed the same tank before I bought it. I took it off the other day. It's really not difficult at all. Disconnect the vacuum and fuel hoses, Remove the 4 bolts holding the tank, and lift it off. Take petcock off if your reusing it and put it on the IMS.. carefully seat the IMS.. be cautious the petcock doesn't beat up the choke knob... line up the holes for the two bolts by the seat and then the two by the radiator. The IMS has enough give to assist with fitment.. reconnect the fuel line and vacuum.

I don't think there's much to it besides that

Get all of the bolts started but dont tighten until you have them all in place. Other than that it should be an easy install. up the 2 holes with a 3/8" drill bit. That will make it alot easier to get fastened up. And the 2 mount brackets need a little swinging over (you'll see what I mean). Petcock stand-pipe holes may need to be opened up a fuzz. Other than that, piece of cake. Oh here is the 2 holes I'm talking about drilling out (1 on each side).

Awesome, thanks for the tips!

After it has been on the bike a while and everything is "memorized" it's alot easier to get on & off.:)

After it has been on the bike a while and everything is "memorized" it's alot easier to get on & off. :)


I hope so, it was a bitch to get on.

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