Oil leaking from cylinder...?

New to me 2010 450 xcw. Rode it about 10 total hours with no issues. Noticed on last ride, oil very slowly seeping out exactly where my finger is pointing. There are no other issues, like overheating or any loss in power, or hard starting. Any thoughts before taking it to someone to look at? I got her for a good deal, hope this isnt the end to my happiness.

Thanks for any help in advance.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406073595.703407.jpg

Appears the motor has been opened up before? That's the cylinder base gasket. Unfortunately you won't know the cause of the leak until it has been torn apart. Could be a nick in the cylinder seating surface or lower case surface, or simply a bad gasket. You may want to start by pulling the valve cover off and make sure all the head bolts are to proper torque spec.

If you have someone else do the work I'm pretty sure labor is going to be a bit pricey. Not that its a hard job but it is a bit time consuming.

^^ crazy thing is it didnt do this right away it happened after that many hours.

Also I ride a slow pace.

Mech buddy said retorque it too.

Thanks for the reply..

Oh yeah one more thing I religously use Rottella full synth on all my sport bikes( high mileage gixxers) and this KTM even my two honda accords(. (2005& 2009s)

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