fuel not getting to carb

Hi i have a baja x250 and have been trying to diagnose a no start issue.

I have spark and compression. I have fuel coming thru all fuel lines. I took the fuel line off that goes into the carb to make sure there is fuel flowing thru the hose and there is but when i connect it back to the carb, no fuel will flow into the carb.

I did spray some carb cleaner in the carb with the choke on to clean a little and it acted like it wanted to start that way..

Spark plug is dry also. Gas is on, killswitch is off (bike on).


What ever is inside where i connect the fuel line to the carb is blocking fuel from entering.

I did spray some carb cleaner into the hole and it did not exit at the bottom.


Any help or ideas please?

Either the float is stuck closed or the inlet is clogged. Get the carb cleaned and serviced.

can they be cleaned without taking the carb off?

Take the carb off the bike and do a complete service

ok will do thanks for the input 

some fuel inlet valves use a very tiny filter screen above them,  it also could be clogged

are these located where the fuel line connects to the carb?

i took the carb off completely and got the old gas out and cleaned it.. put it back on.. some gas is leaking out from the gasket (gasket looks good, not too wore) and still no start. spark plug is dry also.

bolts werent tight enough.. does it need primed?

You probably should have a more experienced person look at carb.  Maybe they can show you what to look for and how it works.  I will be happy to do it if you want to bring to Florida. 

lol hmm i am on vacation this week.. and im only a couple states away..

update. bike is running after cleaning the carb completely. thanks for your help.

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