engine ice

I know there has been talked about before but I was wondering if there's anybody running enigne ice and if so did it do any good? I over heated yesterday but it was do to a long idle while going down a steep hill, waiting on other people and rode back up the hill and went down again. Noticed fluid in the over flow tank filling up and then it overflowed. Is there any disadvantage to running engine ice long term? I did a search and read some on this but just wanted some more opinions. Thanks.

Forgot to mention the bike is uncorked. I ride at sea level to 1000 ft. 170 main, 68s pilot, needle in the 4th position, drilled out exhaust, and open intake manifold.

Yes it helps but is not a complete cure. Have you replaced your stock thermostat yet? They have a habit of sticking open which causes boiling, mine was stuck open.If not do it now, I got mine from Summers Racing it made a huge difference I can idle as long as I like now if I want.

use the radiator cap off the kawi kx80. it's rated better.

fluids: OEM can't be beat. use only hondaline/Pro honda fluids in your bike.

I had a weird thing happen at the Baja 1000-the metal around the radiator cap started to leak-very very slowly pushing steam out. I had the 1.8 cap on it--bike didnt go down-just fatigued metal...weird. Luckily it was very cold the last 1/3rd of the race-and we could finish without any radiator fluid.

Now i have the IMS hyflow radiators. They are 1/3rd larger than OEM, and supposedly a complete cure for the overheat blues. At over $400 clams not a cheap fix. But if ya do wad up your radiators this seems like a great way to go. Cheaper than OEM-and SUPERB fit and finish. Just thought i would throw that out there. I agree on the OEM fluids for the BRP...

I seriously doubt the engine ice will be the solution to your problem, but I can't see any long term disadvantages to running it if you follow the manufacturers recommendations. Don't forget that there's plenty of XR650R's running just fine on the stock coolant without boiling problems. If your bike is still very new with low miles, then it will probably be running a bit warmer until you get some miles on it. There's nothing wrong with using Engine Ice if you follow their instructions and I'm sure it will work well, but so will the Honda HP coolant or most any low silicate coolant on the market from your local auto parts store.

I've been running Evans NPG+ coolant for a few years now in our XR650R's with very good results, but like any coolant, its not perfect, nor is Engine Ice, Honda HP, etc. Each product has its pros and cons and your bike really should run well on all of these products, so take your pick, but don't forget to experiment with your jetting, check your valve adjustment, etc.

If your bike was overheating at low speed low throttle openings, then consider trying a 70s pilot jet and don't forget to adjust the fuel screw. If your bike has some miles on it, then don't forget to check your valves to make sure your intake/exhaust valves are within spec as they do have a tendency to tighten up, particularly the intake valves.

I have about 130 miles on the bike. I checked the valves around 100 miles and adjusted. I'm going to stick with the Honda coolant. I might go on up to the 70s pilot. I shouldn't have let it idle that long while waiting. I think that was the biggest reason for overheating. Thanks for the replies.

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