How do i make my dirtbike faster?.

Hello , I got a 2005 Suzuki DRZ 125 . I want it to get more speed and torque. I can never wheelie that thing because not enough power.

It's basically stock not except 51 sunstar sprocket and new chain.

can anyone help me out and tell me what i should get to make it better?

Don't think you'll get much out of a drz125, if your starting to look for more power it may be time to upgrade to a 250f or 125 two stroke. Not sure how the drz125s are but the drz400 has more of a work horse power rather than bottom end snap and rip your arms off speed.

Although I see people wheelie the 400 all day long.

Edit: use the clutch pop technique to raise the front wheel

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A lot of Monster Energy Drink stickers. True Story. 

Im basically new to clutch dirtbikes or atv or anything because i had a suzuki ltz 250 and it was semi without a clutch and it sucked so im new to it and dont really know how to do the the clutch pop technique .

and downonmonday im getting  a rockstar graphic kit so ill hopefuly get +10 hp

Run more fuel through it. Make it faster, by riding more efficiently. It will never be a powerhouse.

If you want to feel a big increase in torque for a low price, drop a tooth on the front sprocket if the bike accommodates it.  I can't see where it wouldn't, but the chain sliders might wear out faster.  It would cost you about $10 to do that, and would be similar to adding 4 teeth on the back sprocket.  We did that with a KXF250 and had lots of fun on a tight track, but then we went back to the 13 because that's the way it should be.  Though we did add two teeth on the back, so it split the difference.  Either way, I agree with bowhunter.  More seat time will let you know the bike better and be able to get the most out of it.  Just be safe and always wear your helmet.  Always.  Even just goofing around.  It makes a difference. 

Sell it and get a yz125



:ringding:  :ride:

Its not lack of power preventing you from doing wheelies,  it is technique.  You need to learn how do do clutch pop technique,  and maybe bouncing it coordinating it with throttle roll on at the correct RPM.


I could wheelie a honda trail 70 all day long when I was young and thought I was cool.  and it's less than 1/3 the power of your bike,  and heavier!


as for more power,  you really are concerned about bottom end torque,  and the powerband,  those are the things that affect how and when that bike will wheelie

Carb, pipe, cam, head porting, gearing should give you some giddy up and go!

sounds like your ready for a CR 500!

Run it on nitro from ur local hobbie shop I run my cr250 on it improved power by a lot

You'll be faster with more seat time, regardless of what you're riding. Wheelies are about balance, not power. I know a guy who can ride a wheelie on a mountain bike for blocks and several who can ride a XR50 wheelie till it runs out of gas.


Wanna read about a DR-Z125 beating a RM-Z450? (Hint: the guy on the DR-Z fell and still won.)




Motocross is not like some forms of auto racing where the car is a bigger part of the equation than the driver. In moto, a great rider can win on a bad bike and a good rider can win on a stock bike.
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See, balance:


Yes it balance I will agree on that

The 125 drz is a entry level bike meant for a stepping stone up to the bigger and better bikes.Not say this isnt a good bike,but the torque and power are more suited for new riders.I just got my son a 1986 to move him up from a semi auto 100.Basically to give him some riding experience to get used to a clutch.They are well built bikes,but for serious torque go to a 2 stroke,unless you are new to riding.Then stay with the drz for a bit get some experience with it,then move on. 

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