2004 Susuki DRZ 400 should i Jet?

I have a 2004 Susuki drz 400 with a Mikuni Carb.   I just bought it after its been sitting for 5 years.  I took apart to carb to clean all the tarnish and junk from it.  Then started thinking, SHould i re Jet this carb for just one stage just for that little extra?


Wondering if anyone has ever dont this on there drz and was it worth it?  I was always told many years ago. dont re jet it only causes problems and alway have to fiddle and reajust to try and make it run good again.


Anyone have regest after re Jetting?

I never done this before looks easy and i am very mechanical, just wonding is it hard to adjust to make run perfect?

DO NOT SCREW UP THE SLIDE WHEN PUTTING THE NEEDLE HOLDER BACK IN. Those 4 clips are so easy to break, if you even break one your needle will be flopping around and you will wonder why your bike runs like garbage. Then you will be spending $80 on a new slide. 

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