My opinion is that $3000 is too much.  I would say like $2400.  Suzuki's are great bikes.  Just be aware that it is probably a good idea to put a new top end on any used 2 stroke you buy.     

Haha.... he wants a street bike... (lame because they're no fun unless you're braking the law) or a 250f AKA a potato compared to an 03+ RM 250. The RM must be too much for him hahahahahahaha.

Tell the guy $2500 and he can go buy a time bomb i mean, 4 stroke 250f with that.

Haha no kidding my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately bikes seem worth gold in Oregon.

I love it, especially the aftermarket brake reservoir cap. That did it for me, I mean, I'm driving there right now to buy it.

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