Turn Signal Issues

Hi guys


Ever since I got this 91 XR250L the turn signals have been a bit wacky. When I activate the right turn signal, it usually switches on pretty quickly, but the left one is delayed. How much delayed it is seems to be kinda random. Sometimes if I'm screwing around with the switch going back and forth activating and deactivating the signals multiple times it will work almost right away but not always. Other times it will take 10 or 15 seconds to activate, or sometimes not activate at all.


  • I've taken apart the mechanical turn signal switch and cleaned everything up in there. It looked pretty clean to begin with anyway.
  • I took out all the turn signal bulbs and checked them and their housings and it all looked pretty good.
  • I used my multi-meter when activating the turn signal to see what kind of voltage I was getting at each light bulb socket and it was 8 Volts. the problem is I don't know how much voltage I SHOULD be seeing there because it does not say in the manual and I can't find it anywhere.
  • I took the front headlight cowling thing off so I could get access to some more wiring for testing. I found the turn signal light wires in there and tested them directly from wherever they come from. I was getting 8 volts at each of those as well.
  • I tested the voltage at the blinker relay (The little black box that is sorta attached on the side underneath there) and I got 8 Volts there too.
  • I've also replaced this little relay and the issue remains.
  • I tested my battery to make sure it was giving out 12 volts, which it was.


I don't know where else to look to solve this problem, but I really need to do my road test to get my full license before the end of the Summer and if I don't have 100% working turn signals without a delay I won't pass it.


I would just replace the standard bulbs with LED's and get an electronic relay but LED lights are not DOT approved and I don't think I will pass my road test with those lights since the instructor looks over your bike.


Has anyone experienced this who may be able to help?



Try replacing the relay with any two prong (mechanical) automotive one.  That will rule out the relay.

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Try replacing the relay with any two prong (mechanical) automotive one.  That will rule out the relay.

But I already replaced the relay...

You should have 12+ volts at all the bulbs.  Check your grounds - first the battery, then at every connection along the path to the signal lights.

Yep...What redpoint said....You should be getting 12v at the lamps....Turn the ignition switch on, turn signals and check that the battery is still putting out 12v.

When my battery gets low, the turn signals go to hell. Don't come on or are slow to come on. Plus the headlight pulses.

Reminds me to plug in the charger. I tend to lug my XR 400 on the street and the battery runs low.

Easy test. Start the bike. Let it idle. Use the turn signal. Rev the bike and see if the signals come to life. When the bike is running, the headlight and tail light are on, they may be pulling enough current to drop the turn signal voltage. The flasher module is not getting enough power. The fix might be fully charging the battery.

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When I put a 55/55 dual filament headlight in place of the 35 stock, my blinkers quit a low rpm's until I rewound the stator. I too was only getting about 7v at the indicators before the rewind.

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