Starting Issues

I still have some trouble starting after bike is flooded or stalled. It's uncorked. 170 main, 68s pilot, open intake manifold, drilled out exhaust, and stock needle in 4th position. Tried the owners manual routine for starting when flooded but a couple of times I had to kick for a long time before it would start. I ride at sea level. I am considering the Edelbrock Quicksilver if these starting issues continue. How are they to set up?

wow, i havent posted in like a month!!! I had the same issues for a while. I've come to just hold it WIDE open, usually sputters on the third kick and lights on the 4th, sputters for a couple seconds so you do have a chance to let off the gas before it starts bouncing off the rev limiter. If its really bad, take off the air filter, lets more cool air into the engine, seems to help when its really flooded, obviously bad if its dusty out though. Hope this helps, JR

Check out this thread for more info on starting a flooded pig. The Edelbrock carb doesn't flood because of its internal fuel cell design and your bike will quicky start right up whether you go down soft or hard and in some cases you'll find your bike still idling on its side after a fall, so its just a matter of pulling in the clutch, picking up the bike and you're off. Don't forget to check your float level to make sure its in spec. Hopefully you'll find one of the following starting procedures helpful :).


I am considering the Edelbrock Quicksilver if these starting issues continue. How are they to set up?

I hope you get the issues fixed but to answer your question the QS is fairly simple to setup. If you order from, Rob Barnum sends it to you ready to bolt on with little if any changes needed! (not sure what he does if anything, it may come that way from the factory and he just gets credit but all I know is it works, and they tell you not to adjust it until you get it on and try it)

It comes with new cables and throttle assembly which are straight forward. Then you place the carb on. The included instructions are straight forward. There is the needle height adjustor that you install into the top and you adjust it 1/2 to 1 click either way depending on how it is starting and running! Much easier than messing with mixture and jets in my opinion.

Overall its completely manageable and doesn't take any longer than pulling the carb to change jets.

Hope you get the starting worked out but the Full throttle trick has helped me before my QS but none have helped as much as the QS.


PS Don't try to work on it too late at night or you may do like I did and install it and not get it working and kick it and kick and double check everything and then start screwing with adjustments thinking something got off and having a ride the following morning all to find that the fuel in the tank was not enough for standard and was actually at reserve level. Thats what I get for letting a brother ride it that wouldn't replace the fuel. Also I figured I could see it, it must be enough! Wrong. Thank goodness I wrote down the settings before changing anything so the next morning I filled the tank, set back to orginal settings and it fired right off! Bad first impression but I have loved it every since!

all to find that the fuel in the tank was not enough for standard and was actually at reserve level.

:D :D :D

I've never done that :)

I can still remember being amped up at the starting gate for a big race many years ago and I got the holeshot after the gate dropped, then banking left and down bonzai to the funnel where I'd make a right to hit the main track. That's where my engine died...all because I didn't turn on my fuel...ugh :D

I can remember one particular introduction at a hockey game when my name was announced as I skated out onto the rink only to slip and fall about 3/4 way to where my team lined up. It was a big enough crowd to be embarrassing for me, especially since some of my non-hockey friends came to watch me. I simply forgot to take the rubber protectors off my skates that time with all the excitement, but I'm sure this kind of stuff happens to everyone at some point in time :D

I used to have starting issues all the time w/ my 650 and 600 after a spill. I now use the starting drill and I have far less problems, most of the time.

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