1991 Yz250 engine kncoking on clutch side! S

(Yes i know they're many posts like this but my situation is diffrent) Hey, i recently purchased a 1991 yz250 which was powdercoated and gone over, its a very nice bike, so i put new fluids in it and just basically tuned it up. so i went for a ride yesterday and the bike was perfect, so the next day i started the bike up and went for a little cruise and it was fine but when i came back to put it in the garage i noticed a noise comming from the clutch side nothing to bad but its there, when i ride i dont here it at all. this happens when the bike is only idling and when i pull the clutch in its still here it. I tryed atf type f for the first time in my transmission and it was great do you think thats why its making that nose?

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