Valve feeler gauge question

Hey guys,

I feel dumb for asking but I gotta make sure. I am adjusting my valves. I think i have it TDC on compression stroke ( I can feel some slack on the SUBROCKER ARM, if that is wrong and I'm supposed to be checking rocker arm please let me know). Here is the question: Am i supposed to put the feeler gauge between rocker and subrocker, or between subrocker and the top of the valve assembly? Maybe im just tired because of a crying 5 month old baby, but my brain is confused about where to measure because of the looseness of the rocker arms. Thanks


Hi and sorry, RTFM! Or maybe search here, plenty of posts already about valve adjusting.

Page 42 of the Service Manual says: inserting the feeler gauge between the adjusting screw and the sub-rocker arm




My Clymer manual covers valve adjustment on page 75. To which it says, "measure the intake and exhaust valve clearance by inserting a feeler gauge between the rocker arm pad and the valve stem". And then it has a picture it references that you cant see where it is. I have searched all over for the info and different people have said different things. I was looking for a quick specific answer from someone who has done it successfully. I hope you might understand my reason for questioning when that's what my manual said. It says nothing about the adjustment screw.

To clarify, you want slack in all 4 subrocker arms. If there's no slack in the right exhaust arm be sure you have free play in the manual decomp system.

You know that screw that you turn to adjust clearance, put your feeler between the bottom end of it and the subrocker arm.

i got it now. I got them adjusted and everything sounds fine. I was just confused because of what my manual was saying and what I was inferring from instructions on here and elsewhere. Thanks

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