Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust for 230 Anyone have one?

I could pick one up off of Craigslist. Anyone have one and are you happy with it? Are there better brands and do you still need to re-jet with the Pro Circuit?


Update: I called Pro Circuit and they told me there is no need to re-jet with this pipe. I'm wondering what others think and if it's safe not to re-jet.?

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Hey dillsley, so one of the most highly regarded builders of our crf-f engines, Mike Coe, aka on these boards as Coeshow, he dyno tested the major exhausts, and found they all didn't help hp much, but the BBR was the better of small improvements. Stock was so good that Coe ran stock pipes on his own bikes, of course with the baffle removed... If u get more air out of your engine, and you've uncorked your intake, you should rejet to reap the full benefit, and the most performance, out of your $$ spent.

Aftermarket pipes like Pro Circuit and Yoshimura LOOK really cool though!! Bling!

Got one on my bro's 230 and its probably the best aftermarket pipe available. Its well priced looks cool sounds good and is one of the few systems with a two stage header pipe. This apparently gives more middle and top without losing any bottom end. We have 3 230s all with different systems - Staintune, Big Gun and the PC with PC feeling the most powerful. If nothing else you will shed over 2 lbs and get some bling! All good!

And you will have to rejet because you will remove the snorkel to make it breathe. Otherwise youll gain nothing!

I have a T4 on mine. Has a tad bit bigger head pipe than stock. I guess it helped open it up a tad. You should rejet no matter what pipe you have. Best bang for the buck on a 230 period. Remove intake baffle 120 main and 45 pilot and you will think it is a whole new bike. But I do like mine, it sure looks better than the stock one and it's a little less raspy than the stock with baffle removed. Not quieter just less raspy.

I put the T4 system on my 230 and rejetted because the head pipe was red "piping" HOT. Not to mention it backfired like none other. After the re-jet the bike runs excellent, definitely feel an improvement (I had the opportunity to try out my bosses 100% stock 230 while testing out this pipe on my bike). If it's a good deal, go for it! It sounds good, looks good, sheds a couple lbs, and you can feel the difference.

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