Hey guys, I saw this motor and I really like the way the polishing looks. I'm rebuilding my cr125 so while I've got the motor out I wanna do this. I tried scotch brite with some wd 40 and got it okay but I want a little more shine like the picture of the crf motor below. Also posted is what I got with the scotch brite. Any ideas how I can get a little more shine?



That looks like it's been on the wire wheel, then some fine wet sanding and metal polish to me. Could be wrong though.

Looks like a good start! The middle cases will be harder to get that shine b/c of the casting texture. Try wet sanding, with very high grit, followed by a polishing wheel with aluminum compound to smooth out the small scuffs left by sanding. You'll want to remove or cover all of the bearings inside the case to be sure not to get any grit in them. Good luck, I'd like to see it all finished up!

Polishing looks good until you ride the bike.

Mothers Mag and aluminum polish.  WARNING: it won't last.

i'd say the first pic was with around 6-800 grit, might have been wet sanded

Easiest is to try a finer scotchbrite pad and should give you more shine. Start with red, move onto grey and maybe finish with white. It almost looks like the dude on the first pic clear coated the cover after polish. Also a cordless polishing brush with some polishing paste could make it mirror finish. Steel wool also works good on aluminum. Sand paper can make for a long process sometimes stepping the grits and getting into all the conners is a pain and it rips.

I use mud, dirt with rocks on the hard spots and brush it off after a ride ... course it looks like crap but functions as well as anything that is shinny

Cylinder jug in first pic would be fine brushes. Similar to the what is shown here: http://www.machinerycleanery.com/BrushInfo.htm


The look of the bottom end can be achieved with fine wet & dry. Use emery cloth to get rid of the cast alloy texture then wet & dry to get the fine linished look. 

If you have less time and more money and the engine is going to be pulled apart then you may be interested in vaqua blasting instead. There is info on that and other polishing in here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1088666-mx-frame-painting/page-2?hl=%2Bswingarm#entry11698178

i'd say the first pic was with around 6-800 grit, might have been wet sanded


Your right about the 600-800 to start, but to get that kind of shine shine you'd have to take it to at least 1000 maybe even 1200 then an aluminum polish to finish it off. I've done it to smaller areas on my bike but not to that extent, it looks pretty damn good I think too.

I take my frames all the way to 3000 on sand paper, then take the 2,000 rpm buffer to it with the expensive polish.

Liking that first pic tho never tried it but always wanted to. Might have to try this on my new case I just ordered. Po pulled the pin on a grenade. Lost all but head.

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