What bike to get

Should I buy a crf250r 2009 or a crf250r 2012. Which one is faster and is reliable


I am looking at the 2012 but I have never had a fuel injected. Are there any problems with them. Thanks

No problems with mine! Just keep up on routine maintainance

I'd go with the '12!  I love my '11, no problems with the EFI yet. I know there can be a few glitches with the fuel injection system, just from reading the forums but I'm pretty sure Honda had most of those smoothed over by 2012. Lots of possibilities with tuning and programming since you can get maps tailored to your needs!

I have ridden non fuel injected all my life until 2 years ago I got a 2013 250r. I love the fuel injection it never bogs, and you don't have to mess with it when you ride in high elevation. I have never had problems with the fuel injection. But I have had plenty if problems with my water pump and had to rebuild the top end at 70h due to burning oil. O and you will love the way the 2012 handles (if you get a 2012) Other than that is an amazing bike.

The 2012 is wayy better. I think the newer design has a noticable lower center of gravity and it definately is point and shoot in the turns. It'll go where you point it....haha

Went from a 2008 crf 250 to a 2012.

In my opinion I Think the 2008 bike had a harder hitting engine, it was a bit more of a handful out of the corners and such.

The 2012 bike feels more mellow and smooth but its so so light and easy to flick about. Even with the softer feeling engine I was quicker and had more confidence on the track

I can only put the difference down to the fuel injection I guess?

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