1981 XR200R NO SPARK

Hey boys n possiby girls....


I've had this 1981 honda XR200r for a couple years and bought it for nearly nothing and finally figured to fix it up so I can ride it, but right now I can get any spark on the bike and I have replaced the CDI (black box) I believe thats what it is but for me its wear all the wires connect into and its just above the ignition coil also it doesn't have a wiring harness not sure if thats a problem as well?. I replaced the spark plug with a new one and it has compression, and right now I got a multimeter from harbor freight "the one time use store" haha but I was told to check the ohms on the bike and have no clue where to even start on that or if I'm even going in the righ direction. Honestly I would love it some knew more about this then me that would tell me what I should do or what I need to check that would be awesome!! thanks so much

Wires are all color coded and/or use polarized bullet connectors. 

Inputs to the CDI module:

Blue/Y & dark Green from CDI sensor to CDI module.

red/blk from alternator to CDI module


Outputs from CDI module:

red/blk to coil

Dark green to coil negative and frame ground near coil

b/w to kill switch, black from kill switch to green near steering head.



Blue from alternator is AC power for the lights

dark green ground for lights and a lug on the frame.

blue headlight

white headlight

brown tail light.


Check to see if all are correctly connected, especially the frame grounds.

Awesome yeah so I made sure everything was connected right and I tired to see if I had any spark and I couldnt see any spark so I put my thumb on the plug and kicked it over and I felt a jolt so it is now getting spark but Im not sure if its strong enough?

The electrics on the Hondas are quite reliable but corrosion on connections can reduce spark. Also spark is not very strong on these bike, only needs to jump a 0.025" plug gap, and is often not visible in outdoor light.


Another possible problem on older bikes is the connection between the plug wire and the spark plug boot.  The boot will unscrew from the wire, it has a screw that threads into cable.  Look for corrosion, cut  1/4" off the wire and screw the boot back on.  Check to see if you have more spark.


Next is making sure all of the ground connections are clean and tight, might need to sand the lugs and frame.  I don't remember if the coil has screw on connections but if it does sand and wire brush to clean. 


Hope this helps

yeah thanks a bunch I sanded the connection on the ignition coil because it was a little rusty and made sure the ground wires were good so now the spark is good so I poured gas in the tank and it wouldnt kick over so I thought maybe it wasnt getting gas so I pulled the gas line off the petcock and no gas was coming out of it, so now I think I need to buy a new Petcock! haha


If its not one thing its the next!!

The marks on the petcock for on/off/res are confusing, and you need more than about a gallon of gas, depending on model, for "ON" to flow gas.  When the finger tab on the lever is horizontal the petcock is off, tab up is reserve, tab down is on.  I usually ride with the petcock in res position so I don't need to carry as much gas. 


In the tank the petcock has a stand pipe for on that is inside a filter screen.  The filter screen can become plugged, is fragile and easily damaged, and replacements can be hard to find.  So I use transparent inline filters that have the advantage of allowing you to see the gas flow and see any debris. 

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