Stop chafing from knee guards

Thought this may be of interest. Have taken an item from the cycling world and used it to stop rubbing/chafing from my Thor Force knee guards. At under $20AUD, it is quite a cheap option for comfort. To give you an idea on sizing I am 6'2" and the top of my leg is roughly 20" and the bottom where the knee warmer goes to is roughly 17" and I bought a medium and found fitment to be spot on. Hope this helps. Check the link.





Stretchy sleeve bandages. He them cheap from a medical place.

Don't attach the top straps behind your legs. Wrap, and attach the straps in front of the guard. Free

I lined my knee guards with fleece. I wish manufacturers would switch from the terrycloth BS to fleece.

I have several pairs of "sleeves" that I don't wear anymore. p.m. me and I'll send 'em to ya. 

I had Thor Force guards, I ended up switching to Fox Titan sports. They don't offer quite as much protection but I was getting super chaffed and uncomfortable.

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