wrong Timing advice needed

Hey all i am going to admit straight from the start i messed up.


I just got the intake valves renewed on my rmz250 2010 model.


I got the stainless steel ones


ok well i got it home and refitted the head to the bike set the timing and mucked it up i set the timing as follows.


Exhaust timing


Mark on the left and mark on the top (as it should be)


Intake timing


Mark on the left and mark on the top (90 degrees out)


then i put the rest of the bike together and tried for about 20 mins to start it.


when it wouldnt start i started investigating and finally realized that i had set the timing wrong (DOH!!!)


Now my question is what damage will this have done if any as i think all i have done is made the valves all open at the same time (hopefully)

No damage.

Sounds like you got lucky. Chaulk it up to learning a free lesson and double/triple check everything next time. Hope everything works out !!

ok put it all back together propperly with correct timing now and there is a rattle which increases with engine speed ideas ?

Valve noise,can chain slapping or decompressor spring

well there is no damage as far as i can see took it completely apart removed the autodecomp lever from exhaust cam and noise still there so its not that. putting a screwdriver on the valve cover when running the noise seems to be coming from the inlet valve (kickstart side) and as i have just had these replaced i am taking it back to the shop i think the gap maybe too large as there is only a 130 shim in there (i think its too small a shim for new valves) .


will keep you all posted

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