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Yz250f rear fender on WR?

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Hi guys im sorry if this has been covered before but I did have a search around and couldn't find anyone thats done it, I've got an 02 wr250f which I love to bits (fully race ready runs yz cams and all the other bells and whistles you can think of) but as neat as it is I want to "update" the look of it, I've already fitted a 2014 front fender without too much fuss, so now what I want to know is obviously a 14 fender would be a bit far fetched but would an 05 yzf rear fender fit on without too much cutting/hacking? I already know the 02 yzf rear fender fits because I've got it on at the moment, if not another option would be can the 05 (wr or yz) subframe fit my 02?

Look forward to hearing what you guys have got to say

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