another issue with my rebuild!

I have the case split and cannot get the left case side off of my crankshaft. For some reason the cam chain gear on the crank won't let the main bearing slide over it, their is a little wear on the gear but not sure what to do now? How much wear on that gear is to much and should be replaced?

Try to identify the tooth or teeth that is/are too tall and buzz the burr or whatever off it with a file.  If the gear is worn that badly, you're probably going to need at least that half of the crank. 

that's what I was guessing to do but figured I better ask. To tell if the gear is bad will their be slop when you put the cam chain around it?

I've also been planning on taking the case halves to work and put them in a solvent tank with mineral spirits. That won't hurt anything will it? Still got bearings in just figured I'd assembly lube them up when it goes back together.

Cleaning them in a solvent tank is fine, but be sure you thoroughly wash through the oil passages with clean solvent.  Also verify that the bearings are washed clean so the rotate freely and don't have a gritty feel when dry.  Best practice is to replace the whole set while you're there, but that adds up.  Careful inspection and your best guess is called for.  Be critical and selective.  New mains, new balancer shaft bearings, and the left side main shaft bearing (yes, the one in the blind hole) are on the top of the "don't reuse unless they're near perfect" list.

alright thanks! My uncle tried to rebuild the motor for me last winter so I already replace a bunch of bearings and have less the 2 hrs since then. I tore it back down because he didn't fix the transmission issue I was having ( drops out of 5th ). The bearings feel smooth, but don't really wanna tear the motor down again for awhile.

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