Hot start

Hot start has froze 2 times in last 6 months replaced cable after first time and froze again 2 months later. Is it a good idea to eliminate hot start cable and place like a choke plunger in its place.

My '02 has the original hot-start cable, and it's never frozen up once. You probably have a cable routing problem, or more likely, you have dirt in your hot-start plunger cylinder causing it to bind.


Remove the carb, remove the hot-start plunger, clean the bore thoroughly, make sure the plunger is clean as well. Put a few drops of light oil or WD-40 on the plunger itself and then put it back together.

Thanks yea mine is an of now I put a yz plunger choke in its place for now. Cause when the hot start froze up it leans the engine out. And causes it to backfire and the header pipe turns cherry red. I will try this for a while and if I have more problems I will convert it back. Thanks for info

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